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Q: What is a Tiny Home?

A Tiny Home is a alternative dwelling unit situated on a flatbed trailer.

Q: How big is a Tiny Home?

They are 15 - 30 square meters.

Q: How much does a Tiny Home cost?

Wanderlust Co Tiny Homes vary in price according to your level of customization.

Q: Can I finance a Tiny Home?

Yes, you can finance a Tiny Home. We suggest starting to save money to pay as a deposit on your Tiny Home by downsizing expenses and possessions.

Q: Where can I park my Tiny Home?

Most people park their mobile Tiny Homes on their own property, at friend or relative’s place. Some folks travel and move around from place to place.  Trailer or camping parks are an option too, especially if the Tiny Home has conventional plumbing.

Q: What is a Tiny Home Village?

Wanderlust Co has creating interconnected parcels of land that Wanderlust Co Tiny Home owners have the accessibility to move or have their Tiny Homes moved country wide to the respective Villages as we refer to them as.

Q: Are Tiny Homes legal?

Yes, if they are parked on private property.

Q: What kind of ablutions does Wanderlust Co. have?

Wanderlust Co Tiny homes have an option of being fitted with either a composting toilet or a regular flush toilet, depending on how eco friendly and off the grid one wishes to be.

Q: How much does a Tiny Home weigh?

The final weight of a wood framed Tiny Home depends a lot on how the house is finished. As a general rule of thumb you can estimate the final dry weight by multiplying 675 kgs by the length. For Example:

  •      4.8 m = 3’240 kgs
  •      6 m = 4’050 kgs
  •      7.3 m = 4’927.5 kgs
  •      8 m = 5’737.5 kgs

Q: Can a family live in a Tiny Home?

Yes, the Wanderlust Co. Tiny Homes can sleep up to six people.

Q: Are Tiny Homes off the grid?

They can be if one opts for the eco friendly, off the grid model.

Q: How do I insure my Tiny Home?

Check with your insurance agent, and put it in terms they can understand. Typically calling it a ‘custom travel trailer’, will help them understand what you are talking about.