Stand Winners at East Coast Radio House and Garden Show and Decorex Joburg


In a time where being conscious of our footprint on the world is a growing concern, and the economy is in a free fall, it leaves little option for people eager to live a mindful lifestyle in their modern homes at a reasonable cost. Wanderlust Co. from Kwa Zulu Natal, makes this possible for the everyday person looking to make a difference. To solve the problem, we will create tiny movable homes, with environmentally friendly features and contemporary aesthetic value. Each Tiny Home will make ‘going green’ achievable for everyone.

Wanderlust Co. uses innovative design to maximize a movable living space suited to an eco friendly, modern living standard. This makes it unique to the South African market in all aspects. It's simple yet current aesthetic will attract our customer. The most important aspect that we would like to communicate is that people need to be more environmentally conscious, and it is possible to do so with our tiny home at a very competitive cost.

We want the consumer to live a healthy, conscious lifestyle with the doors that are opened when engaging with our product. We want them to feel like they are limitless to mould their lifestyle to what they have always dreamed - because they are. We want them to emerge themselves into mindful, uncluttered living and experience the possibilities of being mobile.