Stand Winners at East Coast Radio House and Garden Show and Decorex Joburg

Matt and Kendal

Matt and Kendal are directors and owners of Wanderlust Co. and have moved into a Tiny Home to show that Tiny Home living is for everyone.

Matt is a qualified pilot as well as owns an events infrastructure company, whilst Kendal has dabbled in the industries of interior design, psychology and is currently involved with sales throughout Africa.

These cool kids have their everyday job, oh, and did we mentioned that they're planning their wedding at the same time as trading in for Tiny?! 

Matt and Kendal are wanting to challenge the norm and challenge the environmental crisis we are in at the moment. “No matter the challenges that lie ahead, one can’t help but smile at the adventures we are about to embark on. There is no better time than now. I want to be able to tell my children that their dad and I helped shape a movement that shifted our environmental impact on the planet, and the greater dream is to help South Africa’s economy by creating affordable and sustainable homes and investments for the majority of South Africans. Cost of living is extremely expensive and we want to slash that expense and simplify”, says Kendal.